4 Crucial Characteristics Of Leadership

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I’ve been passionately involved with a leadership program for the past 3 months. It’s really exciting and inspiring to observe a great stream of passion and a fountain of love flowing around a group of 20 people from all walks of lives, who come together with only one powerful intention: To make a difference in the lives of others.

They’ve shown me that age is never a barrier towards achieving extraordinary results in life. The only things that matter are the 4 very crucial characteristics of leadership, as followed:

  1. Compelling Desire
    It takes not just a desire, but a Compelling Desire to achieve something great. You need to feel emotionally connected to your goals in order for you to get started with full of energy to get going towards accomplishing your goals. Many people set goals they are not emotionally connected to. Often they find the goals getting more and more out of reach as time goes by. This happens because you don’t feel a sense of ownership of the goals you’ve set. The goals seem so far away from you. So you need to start “feeling” your goals and get emotionally connected to them in order for you to get started, with passion. Keep asking yourself why you want to accomplish the goals. Keep asking why until you get to the deepest core reason that will move you forward.
  2. Solid Belief
    In times of turbulence, you need to find something solid to stand on so that you won’t fall even if everything around you is falling apart. If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. Have faith in yourself in whatever you do. Find something you are certain about yourself and your ability. Keep affirming to yourself what you’re absolutely certain about. Keep expanding your list of affirmation of what you’re certain about. Keep repeating your self affirmation to yourself. You will find them very valuable in times of challenges. Believing is the beginning. A solid belief is everything.
  3. Effective Actions
    Often times, people do a lot of activities without accomplishing anything. Activities keep us busy, and may not necessarily have a specific direction at the end. Accomplishment, on the other hand, comes with an intention. If you’ve gotten emotionally connected with your goals and dreams, and you’ve affirmed yourself about the things you’re absolutely certain about and form a solid belief around them, then you start taking actions towards accomplishing them. There are times when our actions are not producing the results we want at the end. Go back to the first 2 steps. Are you still compelled to accomplish your goals? Do you still have a solid belief about accomplishing them? If no, then repeat the processes mentioned above. If yes, then change your course of actions so that you can start producing different results. Remember, insanity means doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. Keep changing your course of actions until you get the results you want.
  4. Iron Will
    This final crucial characteristic is self explanatory. It’s about persistence. No diamonds are produced without great pressure put on producing them. It is in times of hardship and critical moments that you need to draw out your iron will. Keep persisting and persevering with a compelling desire and a solid belief, and then keep taking effective actions, changing your course of actions as and when needed. Keep pushing forward. Keep your passion burning. Keep your belief alive. Have faith in yourself and in everything you do. A bad result is not bad if you learn from it and move on wiser after each encounter. Success is not measured by how many times you’ve failed, but how many times you stand up again after each failure. You will achieve great things eventually if you persist long enough.

I’ve had the honour to work with this group of passionate and loving group of people who are committed to achieving great, extraordinary results in their lives and in the lives of others around them. We’ve worked together around the 4 crucial characteristics of leadership for the past 13 weeks. Numerous incredible experiences have been generated from the results they’ve accomplished in their lives, week after week. They’ve made one thing very clear: Leaders are made, not born.

So, master the 4 crucial characteristics of leadership and you will well be on your way to becoming a great leader.

Be blessed.

Cheanu Chew

Source: The 4 Crucial Characteristics of Leadership is the original work of Jim Poulos, President of Bridgestar Consulting. I have personally attended leadership programs taught by his wife Kelly Poulos at Asiaworks Training.

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