The world doesn’t pay you for what you know; it pays you for what you do. Even with scores of success principles we can easily find from the Internet, books, workshops, seminars, articles and many more age-old advices that tell us that taking action is the only thing that creates results, it’s surprising how many people still get bogged down in analysing, planning, organising and waiting for the right time when what they really need to do is TAKE ACTION.

Here’s the real meaning of: Satisfaction

In Latin, the word satis means “enough”. Combine satis-of-action (enough of action) and you get satisfaction. Now you know clearly that enough action ultimately produces satisfaction.

Quit Waiting

It’s time to quit waiting for:

  • perfection
  • inspiration
  • permission
  • reassurance
  • approval
  • acceptance
  • someone to change
  • something to change
  • someone to buy from you
  • the right person to come along
  • the kids to leave home
  • a better feng shui
  • a better horoscope prediction
  • the fear to disappear
  • the risk to disappear
  • someone to discover your talent
  • instructions
  • more self-confidence
  • more courage
  • the pain to go away
  • the right timing
  • the next New Year
  • your spouse to get in the mood
  • the next promotion
  • the next increment
  • the perfect customer to come by
  • your downlines to change
  • your siblings to apologise
  • the interviewer to call
  • your surroundings to change
  • someone to understand your situation
  • luck
  • the next big break
  • your mood to change

Just stop waiting and move on already.

Quit waiting for the next raise to afford that downpayment. Start doing something now to get you closer to affording it. Quit waiting for your mood to change to start doing something. Start doing something to get yourself in the mood. Quit waiting for that uncertain promotion from your boss. Ask him/her what does it take for you to get that promotion and start acting on it already. Quit waiting for another New Year’s Eve to start creating your resolutions. Start with one of your biggest goals and start taking actions towards it already.

Nobody says it better than Nike does:

Note: If you’re concerned about being judged by others, read this.

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