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A 3-year study of the Network Marketing industry and more than 300 programs reveals startling facts!

A multi-millionaire, Mike Akins, financed a 3-year study of the Network Marketing industry (investing approx. US$500,000) and reveals startling facts! Mike Akins reveals the pitfalls and hype of Network Marketing! Save yourself time, energy and money in Mis-Marketing!

Mike AkinsMy name is Mike Akins. I have been a successful networker for more than three decades. I am the president of Professional Networkers, a full-time, staffed, support group developed in 1975. We have distributors that have been with us for more than 20 years, outlasting a few of the companies that we have belonged to. If something has been done in Network Marketing, I have tried it. I’ve learned a lot the hard way. Last year I added 14,000 members to one of my downline organizations. Throughout my career, I have managed organizations that total a few hundred thousand networkers. I don’t claim to know everything, but I do have a treasure chest of information that can be beneficial to you in your pursuit of success. Hundreds of testimonies are already flowing into our offices proclaiming how the information in this synopsis has revolutionized their approach to Network Marketing!

A firm that I own, Research & Marketing Consultants, recently completed a three-year study of the Network Marketing industry. In this study, more than 300 programs were researched, covering a forty year period.

Market trends, marketing techniques, commissions structures, product philosophies, leadership migration, reasons for company failures, attrition, and many other factors were carefully analyzed. The results of this study are shocking and confirm what I have suspected. I financed the three-year study to find direction and prepare my organization for growth during the next decade.

This synopsis is generic and does not promote a particular program, because the need to get the truth out far exceeds my personal financial ambitions. The information from this study can make the difference between success and failure for a majority of people.

Throughout my career, I have been frustrated at the percentage of people that have worked their hearts out, without achieving a decent degree of financial success.

Network Marketing is a powerful tool through which to enhance lifestyle, but this opportunity, by design, has been outside the reach of the majority of networkers!

Our extensive, three-year study revealed that the greatest threat to the networker is not companies going out of business, but it is the common paradigm or “mind set” held by company and industry leaders.

The Network Marketing concept is wonderful, but the number of companies that have designed their programs to put this wonderful opportunity within reach of the majority of networkers, is small.

Because of greed and self-centeredness, the Network Marketing industry reached a crisis or plateau about 15 years ago. As a result of this “leveling off,” the industry experienced superficial changes. These changes did not get to the root of the problem. Since that period, new pay structures have gradually been introduced such as: binaries, matrixes, phase programs, Australian two-ups, coding bonuses, matching bonuses, sponsoring bonuses, and floating bonuses. Basically, these variations did little to get more consistent cash into the majority of networkers’ pockets, and definitely did little for a lasting residual income. All of these types of pay structures only repackaged an “old problem,” and made it more difficult for the “average” networker to understand the dynamics of the program.

See You At The Top!

Mike Akins

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