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Cheanu is an entrepreneur, a trainer, a leader, and… a happy man. He’s passionate about leadership, personal finance, personal development, home-based business and living life with passion! He leads a team of dedicated entrepreneurs that helps people attain freedom of time, money & health.

Cheanu retired from employment at age 25 and he’s now a public speaker, author, successful business entrepreneur as well as a personal development trainer.

Together with his lovely wife Sook Yee, he has founded a powerful and dynamic team—Platinum Networkers®—to empower ordinary people to become inspirational leaders and to cultivate the principle of ‘Leadership With a Heart’ among the leaders of the next century… and beyond.

“I believe that by building a business the correct way, we’re going to lead many people towards success, freedom and their ultimate destiny. Lead with a heart. Provide a space for them to grow and to unleash their true potential. At Platinum Networkers®, we’re dedicated to empowering ordinary people to become inspirational leaders.”—Cheanu Chew

Scholarship Holder Turns Successful Business Entrepreneur

“Cheanu sat for his Higher Diploma in Accounting (LCCI) in 1998, and passed with Distinctions—after 10 solid months of hard work. As an excellent accounting diploma student, he has won a scholarship to pursue his ACCA course.”—Malay Mail, Nov 7, 2002

Cheanu is a financial auditor by profession. When he was studying, he was among the best students and awarded The Star Education Fund Scholarship to pursue his ACCA course. He completed his ACCA course and graduated in 3 years—an astounding accomplishment for most ACCA students. In 2001, he began his first accounting career in one of the top accounting firms in the city.

The best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki had a very great impact on his perception about his financial destiny—thus creating a turning point in his life.

Cheanu left the accounting industry in 2003 even though he had all the qualifications needed but went on to acquire his skills in the corporate world, mainly in leadership and personal development and eventually pursue his dreams of financial independence.

Today, Cheanu is a public speaker, author, successful business entrepreneur as well as a personal development trainer.

Cheanu has a vision to help those, with or without qualifications—who are looking for more affordable and realistic ways to start their own home-based business without investing huge sums and bearing great financial risks… and financial stress.

Join Cheanu In His Quest For Success

Platinum Networkers—an international team of professional entrepreneurs dedicated to empowering ordinary people to become inspirational leaders.

We deeply believe in ‘Leadership With A Heart’. Our founder retired at age 25 and has led many people towards financial success in times of financial crisis.

Our elite team is operating on a Blue Ocean Strategy which renders the irrelevance of competition. We are currently expanding our marketing arm and seizing pioneer market share in Malaysia as well as the whole of Asia. With the help of our automated training and support system, we aim to lead many other ordinary people towards achieving extraordinary financial results.

Join Platinum Networkers in our quest to Unleash Your True Potential!

Platinum Networkers—dedicated to empowering ordinary people to become inspirational leaders.

Join Cheanu and his international team at www.myunlimitedincome.com.

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