Mike Akins Recommends Cheanu

Mike Akins and Cheanu Chew

I am working closely with Cheanu Chew in developing a multi-million dollar organization in Asia as well as in other International markets.

During my 39-year career, I have worked with thousands of networkers and leaders throughout the world. Every so often I come in contact with some one that is very special with unique capabilities. Cheanu is one of these special leaders.

Cheanu has the special ability to empower marketers to reach their full potential and at times it seems beyond. I sincerely believe that Cheanu is on his way up to our highest rank of Platinum. He has demonstrated the leadership characteristics that I have found leads to great success.

I have found, in my experience of developing organizations of hundreds of thousands of distributors, that it is best to catch a leader on his way up than to connect with someone that is already there.

A leader at the top will have so many other distributors to work with that it becomes difficult to capture enough of their time to get the full benefit of their talent and experience.

When you connect with a leader with great potential before he reaches his ultimate success, you can benefit from his energy and quest.

I highly recommend Cheanu as a mentor and leader.

Be blessed.

Highest Regards,
Mike Akins

About Mike Akins (a.k.a. “The Greatest Networker In The World”)

Mike began his career in Network Marketing at the age of 19. He assisted his downline organization in developing extraordinary financial success. Network Marketing has had a profound effect on Mike’s personal development in life. The training he received in network marketing, along with an emerging spiritual dimension, helped him clarify his goals in life and to focus his efforts on the things that he valued. Mike has conducted more than 3,500 opportunity and training seminars during his 39-year career. Mike has developed Network Marketing organizations consisting of as many as 75,000 members.

For several years Mike worked with the homeless, the elderly, the terminally ill, disadvantaged youth, street gangs, the Native Americans and has been involved in radio ministries. He started and presently finances a private school for disadvantaged and troubled youth. Mike finances a nutritional therapy program for individuals with terminally ill and degenerative diseases.

Mike is an ordained minister but places emphasis on personal development more than doctrinal issues. Mike is the president of Professional Networkers, which he founded 22 years ago to support the organizations that he has developed. Sixty percent of Mike’s gross income is invested back into support for his downline organizations.

Four years ago Mike came out of semi-retirement in order to develop a ten million dollar annual income during the next few years, so that he can finance his personal goals in social programs.

Mike has a great number of distributors who have been with him for more than 20 years. This is unique in network marketing.

“Industry Veterans name Mike Akins the Greatest Networker in the World.”

“Mike Akins—A True Professional Networker with a Heart for Others.”

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