13 Tips For A Better Workout

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If you are one of the minority of people who regularly go to a gym for exercise, then congratulations! It means you have the right priorities and terrific discipline. But it’s fair to say that at times, even for committed exercisers, motivation often flags, and there are days when it requires a Herculean effort just to put on your workout clothes and walk through the gym doors.

Here are 13 ways to make your exercise routine a little easier.

  1. Avoid the mirrors.
  2. Create your own personal gym mix CDs or playlists, and listen to them as you work out.
  3. Think of someone who irritates you.
  4. Drink a bottle of water or juice on your way to the gym.
  5. Think you can and you will.
  6. Turn off the TV when exercising.
  7. Work out with a friend.
  8. Wear the right shoes for the right class.
  9. Set a short-term workout goal.
  10. Whenever you feel as if you’re out of steam, hire a trainer.
  11. Change your routine every three to four weeks.
  12. Work out during the least crowded hours.
  13. Invent a competition with the person on the next treadmill.

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