How To Have All Your Wishes Come True

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You’ve probably heard of the age-old story about Aladdin, who picks up a lamp and dusts it off and out pops Genie. The Genie always says, “Your wish is my command.” If you’re like me, you’ve probably dreamt about what you’d have wished for if you were to find that Genie. Life would be a lot more easier then. You could have everything you wanted and then some.

During one of the forums I’ve spoken at, I brought the audience on a journey in search of their Genie.
Imagine this:

You receive a nicely typed brochure that promises the Genie’s existence. Find the Genie and you will have all your wishes come true. At first, you were a bit sceptical about the whole idea. But something inside you told you to keep the brochure. A few months passed, and you bump into a long-lost friend. He seems very excited and passionate about life and can’t wait to tell you everything about it. He tells you the secret: He found his Genie. As he continues to describe in minute details of his adventure, you get more excited about the whole idea of searching for Your Genie. You start to believe it now.

After due consideration, you finally jump up and say to yourself, “I’m gonna do this!” You start planning for the exciting adventure ahead of you, prepare to sail into the unknown. Some of your family, friends and relatives try to convince you that it is not “realistic”. They discourage you. They even laugh at you and make a joke out of you. Fortunately, your belief is so strong, it’s unshakable. So you go ahead and take risks.

As you handle your life and prepare for your adventure into the future, you realise that there are sacrifices you need to make. Tough decisions. You stop for a moment and think again. “Should I go ahead?” You hear a lot of noises in your head—that try to tell you otherwise. Those are the voices of the fearful, logical, rational and “realistic” you. But then you focus hard to find that little voice within you. That ever so gentle and calming voice, that is finally heard, “This is it. Go for it.” That’s your voice of courage, instinct and inspiration. And you decide to make those sacrifices, because you know they are just short-term.

So you set sail towards the most important journey of your life, in search of your turning point in life. It isn’t an easy journey.

Two years have passed, and you are still searching for that magical moment. You know it’s not going to be an easy journey. At this point in time, you start imagining what would those critics have said about you should you quit and turn back now. That very thought angers you and thrusts you forward. This time, not only you have belief, but you have conviction. You tell yourself, “Let’s see who will have the last laugh.” And you put up a broad smile, and move ahead into the unknown. You are extremely hopeful.

Now you are enjoying your journey and find excitement in exploring the unknown. You love your new adventure! You scream on top of your lungs, “Life is so amazing when I don’t play it safe! Woohooo!” As you start to enjoy your journey, you enjoy new challenges too, knowing that they are stepping stones towards your ultimate destination. You persist through all the challenges ahead of you.

Five years and eight months later, you have arrived. This is it. You stand there in amazement, staring at the magical lamp in front of you. Speechless. Tears of joy are rolling along your cheek towards your broadest smile ever. Congratulations! You’ve made it!

Whatever your Genie in life is—whether it’s financial freedom, quality relationship, your dream job, dream house, dream car, dream lifestyle, health freedom or time freedom—if you want what you desire in life, these are the 5 crucial steps you must take:

  1. Believe in the long-term promises
  2. Dare to risk losing face & looking stupid
  3. Willing to make short-term sacrifices
  4. Be hopeful at all times
  5. Persist through challenges

Remember, winners have commitment. Losers want convenience. If you want to win in life, you must commit to do whatever it takes in spite of inconveniences.

Believe… and you shall achieve.

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  1. This is an amazingly inspiring story! 🙂 While seeking for genie, we should always be grateful and enjoy the journey as well. It’s part of the learning. Most people missed that.

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