The Life of an Entrepreneur

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Today, I came across an honest and truthful short video about being an entrepreneur. The video is only 90 seconds short but it speaks of all the headaches and heartaches that I have gone through in my entrepreneurship journey.

All the silent screams, and the loud cries in my head,
while putting on a calm, smiley and optimistic look,
hoping that people who love me don’t need to worry about me,
hoping that people who work with me won’t doubt me,
trying to reassure everyone that I’m OK.

Anyone who has been on an entrepreneurship journey will go through this storm. But I always have this inner voice telling me in a very calm tone: “This too shall pass.”

If you’re fighting a battle no one would understand, you’re not alone.
If you’re struggling to make ends meet, you’re not alone.
If you’re facing rejections every day, you’re not alone.
If you’re being laughed at by people in your life, then you’re definitely not alone.

This too shall pass.

Promise yourself that you will do whatever it takes to keep running at your goals everyday. Keep learning, keep improving and keep expanding yourself because 100% is possible 100% of the time. Reassure yourself that if it is to be, it’s all up to you and the choices you make consistently. Focus on your dreams and your goals in front of you. Persist and persevere in the face of storm. Keep your circle of friends close with people who will cheer for you, empower you, support you and champion your every success. If you keep at it long enough, the storm will eventually pass.

Have faith in yourself, because you are your best cheerleader.

Here’s the video that I mentioned about. It’s not a new video, but I somehow just stumbled upon it.


The Life of an Entrepreneur

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