You Deserve A Second Chance

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Almost everyone started studying for a particular profession at age 18-20.

90% of them chose to work at the profession that they studied for. And 90% of those 90% continue working in that particular profession without feeling satisfied with their career.

Why? The reason is that most people don’t work out of their own passion. They work because of money. While money can solve most of their financial problems, they don’t feel satisfied because there is no happiness in their lives. There’s no sense of fulfilment in their lives.

I studied for accountancy when I was 16 years old. After I graduated from high school, I went straight to pursue my diploma in accountancy and then my ACCA professional degree. I ended up working as an accountant at age 23.

I started to look at the lifestyle of my bosses who were at the top of the career path that I was pursuing. It didn’t impress me at all. They still had to work their lives off with even more commitment and responsibilities, that comes with greater overtime and over the weekend working. I understood that if I were to continue working my life off, I’d have lost my life, my time, my friends, my health and eventually having a lifestyle that didn’t impress me at all! After 18 months of working my life off, I’ve decided to take a second look at my career, and ultimately my destiny.

I realized that my decision to work as an accountant was based on my past education—I studied for accountancy. As I looked deeper into it, I realized that my past decision to study for accountancy was based on two things: (a) my high school teacher thought that I had a potential in accountancy because of my good grades in accountancy back then; and (b) a diploma in accountancy was one of the cheaper options among all professional qualifications—and my family was not doing well financially, back then.

Of course, as I was more matured and more aware of the real world out there, I could make a better and clearer decision than when I was just 18 and decided to study for accountancy. I’ve made a move to leave the accountancy industry—and I eventually left the whole employment industry. The great feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment is beyond words as I wake up in the morning, not feeling pressured and obliged to report to work and getting stuck in doing things which are out of alignment with my passion in life.

On the other hand, being able to wake up and enjoy life with time freedom on my side is a blessing. I’d like to help others who want a way out from their unsatisfied daily routine. I want to see a world full of free men and women who are able to live their lives to the fullest, to pursue their own passion in life.

Give yourself a second chance. You are matured enough today to re-evaluate the life path you’ve had set forth for yourself yesterday. Go towards your passion. You will live a life of satisfaction and fulfilment.

It’s a big beautiful world out there. You don’t want to stay stuck in one spot in an office for a few decades without realizing how much you have not experienced, discovered and explored in this life.

What are your dreams? You only have one life. Why not realize your dreams in this life?

Be blessed.

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