Do You Have The Power To Own Your Own Life?

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Have you ever planned for a special event in your life? Did you plan it in specific details and wish for the best to occur? Did things turn out differently from what you have planned for?

Chances are that you answered yes to all three questions. That’s life. Sometimes even after we put in our best effort and prayed hard, things just don’t go our way in the end. Every human being who has ever lived on this planet has had the same kind of experience. The rich, the poor, the successful, the not-so-successful, the good, the bad, the winners, the losers… they all went through the same journey. But what separates the winners and the losers is how they respond to it.

There are two different ways to respond to what had happened to you. You can choose to:

  1. Live a life of deliberate creation; or
  2. Live a life of chain reaction.

If you are not happy with your job, you can choose to react to it by complaining about it, feeling frustrated about it, getting annoyed by your managers or, worse still, being rude towards your customers. Even if you channel your reaction towards everything that happened to you at work, you’re still not changing the fact that you’re working at a job that you’re not happy about. As one thing leads to another, you will continue to wind down the negative spiral and making things even worse for you personally. On the other hand, you can choose to create a completely new situation by voicing out your concern to the right authority about your dissatisfaction, understanding the culture and adapting yourself to it or, better still, quit that job for one you’re happy about.

If you are unhappy in your marriage, don’t react towards your spouse as if everything is his/her fault. Create new experiences, new understanding, or perhaps a new relationship with each other!

Life itself is a creation. Every moment we are alive is an opportunity for new creation. Reacting to something is a complete waste of your time now for what you have done in the past. Most people who failed to achieve great success are those who react towards life, circumstances, events, people and basically everything around them. They let life push them around instead of pushing back and live life. That’s why they are the greatest complainers, whiners, blamers, justifiers, excuse makers, and they eventually make almost all of those 55 famous alibis! Whenever you offer them a new opportunity to break free from their dissatisfaction, they will automatically think with their “but”.

Embrace the attitude of being in creation, not reaction. Create new possibilities for new outcomes. Life will continue to throw us challenges and alter our paths along the way. Keep creating. If you react to every event that life brings about, you will end up walking the path that was not designed by you, but by those events, circumstances, people and things that you don’t like. Being in reaction means you’re giving away your power of directing your own life; and you’re giving away that power to those events, circumstances, people and things that you don’t like. In short, you don’t own your life. They do.

But if you embrace the attitude of being in creation instead, you will take all those challenges as stepping stones and continue stepping into the direction of your dream. Being in creation means you have control and power over how your life should be, will be and must be. In short, you own your own life.

“It is in your moment of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

—Anthony Robbins

Choose wisely how you would respond to life from now on. Make sharp decisions. Live life with passion!

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