4 Steps To Getting Richer

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Financial expert Jean Chatzky wants you to stop making excuses and get richer! She has four simple steps anyone can follow to the path of financial success.

1) Maximize Your Income

  • Set an income goal.
  • Ask for a raise.
  • Work an extra hour a week.
  • Learn more about making more.

2) Spend Less Than You Make

  • Pause before you purchase.
  • Pay bills on time.
  • Use a debit card.
  • Shop around.
  • Find extra money for your savings.

3) Invest Money You Don’t Spend

  • Save automatically.
  • Earn more interest.
  • Build your money confidence with Jean’s investment basics.

4) Protect Your Money

  • Get insurance.
  • Get a will.
  • Get an account in your name.
  • Learn how to better secure your future.
Source: Jean Chatzky on Oprah.com

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