Jack Canfield Speaks About Network Marketing

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Jack Canfield—the author of ‘The Success Principles’ and the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series, who was also one of the teachers featured in ‘The Secret’—shares in this 10-minute interview about WHY he has been actively involved in Network Marketing for more than 40 years!

In his recent blogpost titled ‘Is network marketing the greatest thing since sliced bread?’ he highlighted that his passion and affinity for the industry runs deep.

I love the people, the products, the leadership and the culture many of companies have (and continue) to create.

In a short 10-minute video interview with Eric Worre of Network Marketing Pro, Jack shares his thoughts on the benefits and freedoms one can obtain by becoming a part of this amazing industry.

If you have decided to look past your old beliefs, old perceptions, out-dated information about this ever-revolutionizing industry and decided to jump in like the many brilliant people in the world are doing, you might want to learn these 5 Crucial Factors In Choosing A Network Marketing Program as explained by Network Marketing legend Mike Akins.

Platinum Networkers—Leadership With A Heart

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