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Last week, I’ve generated more than 1,000 new visitors to my website in just 5 days, with just $25. All I did was to put up an ad on Facebook… and be surprised by the number of e-mails I received from these new visitors.

“How did you retire at age 25?” Many of my friends and relatives were asking me. “Tell me the secret!” they said.

So I told them.

Often times, they were not looking for an answer. Most of them were looking for certain words in my answers they could be negative about or justify why they can’t do it or why it doesn’t work. The most common question that followed whatever answer I gave is:

Is this MLM?

“What do you understand about MLM?” I always direct this question back to them.

And then, all sorts of description, criticism, label, belief, opinion and assumption would be coming out of their heads.

Most people are skeptical about MLM businesses because of past experiences of their own or the people they know. But when I go deeper into the source of such negativity and opinion, most of the time it was related to the approach that people often use in MLM.

I’ve got many answers like:

  • I don’t like to sell products
  • I can’t sell products
  • I don’t like to call people, knowing that they will reject me
  • I don’t like to meet up with people who are not interested
  • I don’t want to force my relatives & friends to join me
  • I don’t want to carry products or perform demonstrations
  • I don’t want to deliver products
  • I don’t like sales quota
  • I don’t want to rely on my relatives & friends to join me for me to be successful
  • I don’t want to ask my relatives & friends to join me and repeat all of the above
  • I’m not willing to invest tens of thousands of dollars to get started

The real reason people are skeptical about MLM is because they still think that people nowadays are still using the door-to-door ‘direct-sales’ approach or the traditional ‘meet-up-with-friends-and-listen-to-their-needs-and-then-present-the-opportunity’ way to succeed in MLM.

You see, people are not negative about MLM just beacuse of the name. There could be certain things about MLM that people don’t like about. But not everything. You can’t deny the fact that the idea of you getting paid for your past effort just because you’ve duplicated a network of distributors who are actively building the business everyday, is very exciting. You can definitely retire when the passive income you receive from your business is more than your total expenses. And mind you, this source of passive income will grow over time even after you’ve stopped working on it, if you did it properly.

Everything has evolved over the past 40 years. The network marketing industry has evolved. And if you’re still looking at it the same way people looked at it 40 years ago, then you’re looking at an out-dated picture, and obviously losing the biggest picture of the world economy today.

Often times, I asked for their willingness to be open for just 30 minutes and see if what I was about to show them would be something totally different or exactly the same with what they thought. 99% of the time, they were totally surprised with what I showed them.

So, is this MLM? It’s better than MLM!

I run a home-based business. I don’t carry products. I don’t deliver products. I don’t beg my relatives & friends to join me or buy products from me. I don’t have sales quota to meet. And I don’t need to do all the things that most people are negative about (listed above) and I certainly do not need to invest tens of thousands of dollars to get started. No one should!

Then how do I do it? Simple. Just automate it.

My international team and I have developed an automated system that runs both online and offline to support us in dealing with all the mechanical procedures such as prospecting, presenting and following-up, automatically. Like what I wrote in my opening paragraph, I attracted more than a thousand visitors to my website ( for a short presentation of how they can achieve financial freedom with the support of my team and our automated system. With just a click, they will be directed to a free test drive of our automated system and learn more about it. After they gained more information, they can then choose to sign up as a customer or a member by using the automated system. A point to note here, all the information being presented to my visitors are automated. I could be doing so many other things while thousands of visitors browsed thru my website and viewed my presentation.

Once you’ve joined our team, you will have the privilege to have your very own website like mine, and start using it to generate thousands of visitors to your website and repeat what I did.

It’s that simple.

But is that all? Well, you were just being introduced to the slightest preview of how our automated system looks like and how it can help you automate your home-based business… and eventually your passive income.

The company that we’re attached to is capturing the 2 out of 4 major trends in the world economy today. With a comprehensive and user-friendly automated support system like this, we’ve indeed captured the other 2 out of 4 major trends. In fact, we’ve captured all the 4 major trends and we’re all riding the wave towards the next boom.

So, if I were to tell you that you:

  • don’t need to sell,
  • don’t need to stock up inventory,
  • don’t need to carry and deliver products,
  • don’t need to do massive cold calling,
  • don’t need to go from door to door,
  • don’t need to beg your relatives & friends to buy from you or join you,

and most importantly,

  • you don’t need to invest tens of thousands of dollars to get started

… if I were to tell you that you can achieve financial success too and you don’t need to do all the things you don’t like to do as in any other MLM businesses… will you be open to spend a few minutes to learn how to do it?


Take a look at and take your free test drive. Everything will be presented to you, with pictures and explanations along the way.

Plug your business in to this trademark automated system that ensures that you will not be involved in personal sales or direct distribution of products like you would do with any MLM/direct-selling businesses. You will be attached to a comprehensive automated system that will take care of the distribution and even presentation of the products. In fact, I’ve never sold anything to achieve success and retire at age 25 with passive income. I didn’t even need to deliver anything for that matter. My business has gone to various parts of the world even without me being physically there to expand my business. So if this business requires personal sales or direct distribution of products, that wouldn’t have happened. All you need to do is to build relationship and cultivate your leadership skill along the way with your people. Of course, trainings are provided online too.

Plug in to an existing, proven system today. Learn about my Simple Success System & Strategies that will allow you to have Continuous Income and Cashflows for Life… Guaranteed!

Build Your Super Income Pipeline!

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