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4LifeFor some time now, people admire the success of Network Marketing companies like 4Life Research, Amway and others. Overall Network Marketing businesses gained a measure of success with people looking to build income generating opportunities that last.

However, in the past few years, Network Marketing has gained a bad image that is ill-deserved. Many people associate MLM as an illegal business, scams, pyramids and other undesirable elements. However, the truth is that MLM is one of the best ways to generate income if performed correctly.

Truth be told, the only reason MLM has descended in its desirability is because too many people get involved to make a quick buck without really knowing what it takes to build a good MLM downline organization and how to approach the business correctly.

Many people actually think that an MLM business entails making money without even working. There has been a bevy of unethical distributors in the MLM business. Many try to make money by misleading other people. And many other people drop out after investing in an multilevel marketing business due to frustration and lack of persistency.

These people, often think they can relax and earn money just by doing nothing. They will surely be disappointed when they find out that they are not earning much at all. They therefore badmouth the MLM business as a whole.

Unfortunately, their failures are their own doing. However, if you approach an MLM business with the right mindset you are sure to gain a great degree of financial success. And the key to obtaining financial success in the MLM business is duplication.

Duplication means that you’re supposed to create a downline organization that is growing. Every member of your downline should be able to create his or her own downline. This means that every single member of your team is able to sponsor other people in return.

If you can create a downline that is as successful as you are, then you can have a downline that will continue to generate income and make you become more successful.

But how do you a accomplish this? Here are a few tips:

1) Enroll like-minded people

If you want your downline to be successful you have to find people who are hungry for success. If you enroll people who are not motivated and are just in the business for the short term, then you are in serious trouble.

You are supposed to enroll people who are aggressive and persistent—just like you. If you can enroll people who are just like you, then they in turn will go on to recruit people who are built for success. This will build a veritable gold mine of enrollment agents.

2) Help others to become successful

The objective here is to build a downline where not only you are successful. Make sure that everyone and every single distributor of your team can succeed and can make money. If everyone can have success, they will be excited to continue building on that downline you started.

It is sad that some people are selfish and care only for their own success. In Network Marketing, this cannot be, and can never be. If you only care for your own success, you’ll find that your downline will steadily decrease since you are only thinking of your own success. Remember, in Network Marketing, everyone’s success is your success. If they succeed you earn.

If you learn how to inspire others and how to lead and spur them on towards success, you can build a strong organization, which effectively invigorates them with the energy needed to continue persevering in their own business.

3) Good leadership

Think of your downline as a valuable resource and not just an object just to earn money. If you learn how to value every single distributor of your team, you are sure to have a downline that is capable of accomplishing great success and unlimited income.

Duplication depends on the mindset of each and every member of this team. They should have a mindset just like yours—eager and raring to build their own organization.

Only then can you have duplication and success in your MLM business.


Don’t be satisfied to just to be able to assemble a hodgepodge menagerie of recruits. Make sure that each team member is built for the kill. With this you have duplication in your downline. And only then can you have success in your Network Mraketing or MLM business.


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